Devon and Cornwall Police Launch Tracking Mobile Phones for victims of domestic abuse

Thu 21 Oct, 2010
Devon and Cornwall Police

Devon and Cornwall Police are proud to announce the launch of tracking mobile phones for victims of domestic abuse. It is believed that the police force is the first in the country to use the devices for police purposes. The phones are designed for high-risk victims of domestic abuse but can be used by any person at risk. They work by tracking the phone almost in real time. 

The architect of their use is Paul Taylor, crime prevention officer for Exeter who spotted that victims being protected by home alarms wanted protection and reassurance outside of their houses.  When the device is activated, not only can the client speak with an operator but it also can fix the location of that person using Google Earth which speeds help to their location. 

Sgt Richard Crosby said: “We are pleased to have 32 devices activated across Devon and have already received a successful activation by a victim.

“Argyll’s engineers worked closely with us, developing the technology to ensure we got the right product. We also liaised closely with colleagues from our police call centre to ensure that any calls received were dealt with effectively to give the best service to the victim.”

“Tracking technology is traditionally expensive but this partnership with Argyll Telecom has brought state of the art equipment to officers and victims at minimal cost.

“This is an incredible piece of work and has come about because of real partnership work between the funding community safety partnerships from East Devon, Exeter and West Devon and Argyll and Islands Telecom.