IOSH place Lone Worker safety reliance with Argyll

Wed 06 Jan, 2010

The Institute of Occupational Safety & Health has placed their reliance for monitoring lone worker staff safety with Argyll the UK’s leader in lone worker protection services.

IOSH is the Chartered body for health and safety professionals, it represents more than 36,000 members and is the world’s largest professional health and safety organisation. The institute set standards, provide support, and develop and connect health & safety professionals with resources, guidance, events and training. IOSH is the voice of the health & safety profession and regularly campaign on issues that affect millions of working people.

In 2006/07, there were over 288,000 assaults by members of the public on workers in the UK. That included four workers who were killed, and 932 who suffered serious injuries as a result of the violence they suffered. In recognising their duty of care for the safety of their lone workers IOSH have placed their reliance with Argyll. Staff members were already provided with mobile phones but now they are fully supported by ‘Communicare’, Argyll’s award winning lone worker technology and service. This service provides IOSH staff with the means to use their mobiles to dynamically indicate layers of risk such as the start and end of working day, or indicate when carrying out temporary occupational based risks. Fundamentally the service enables staff to summons immediate assistance from live operators when difficulties are encountered.

Unlike other service offerings, the Argyll lone worker service uniquely assists employers to fulfil their moral and legal obligations and complies fully with all recommendations contained within the new BS8484 lone worker industry standard in that it also caters for the potential of a device failure. This means that instead of needing the device to create an alarm, Argyll’s solution ensures the safety of staff through active monitoring providing fail‐safe monitored egress from any temporary hazard activities and it will also confirm to management when staff are safely returned home at the end of their work day thereby ensuring the employers duty of care. All monitoring is carried out by a dedicated team of highly skilled control room operators 24 hours every day within the BS5979 CATII standard Alarm Receiving Centre required to receive police response. A dedicated account management team, Internet administration service containing comprehensive activity reports enable IOSH to remain in full control and manage their lone worker policy and solution.

For further information on how Argyll can help you comply with BS8484 and manage your duty of care, call: 0870 750 1471 or email