2/3 of building sites fail Health & Safety inspections

Wed 19 May, 2010

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Two-thirds of Building Sites Failed Recent Health and Safety Inspection

Two out of three Lincolnshire construction sites have failed a recent safety inspection.

Inspectors from the Safety inspections at Lincolnshire building sites showed that two out of three failed safety standards.

While checks were carried out at nine sites, five were served with enforcement notices ordering them to stop work immediately or dictating improvements be made.

The majority of these notices were served as a result of unsafe work being carried out at height.

And the HSE says that one site in the county is still under investigation with a view to legal action being taken.

Latest figures from HSE show there were 113 serious injuries on construction sites in Lincolnshire last year.

And the intensive inspections took place as part of a month-long initiative aimed at stopping dangerous practices on building sites across the country.

The HSE's principal inspector of construction for the East Midlands, Richard Lockwood, said: "HSE will not tolerate poor health and safety standards on construction sites and we will continue to make unannounced visits and take enforcement action when necessary, until the message gets across.

"It simply isn't worth taking risks to try and save money".

"Companies have a legal responsibility to protect the lives of workers and site safety should be paramount."